Post-Mortem: Twitter Security Incident

Post-mortem analysis about what Twitter already know and is willing to tell us about their security incident this week.

Post-Mortem: Cloudflare outage

Post-mortem analysis of how a configuration error in the Cloudflare backbone network caused an outage with a global impact.

[Video] Linux Memory Forensics

Introduction on how to capture and analyze memory on Linux with AVML (Acquire Volatile Memory for Linux), a tool by Microsoft.

How to diagnose OOM errors on Linux systems

In-depth article about understanding and handling Linux out-of-memory errors.

[Video] Brian Kernighan: UNIX, C, AWK, AMPL, and Go Programming

Interview with Brian Kernighan by Lex Fridman. Topics: History and future of UNIX and computing in general, AWK, editors, Golang and programming languages in general.

[Video] Linux Plumbers Conference: The Kernel Report

Video about the current state and upcoming challenges for the Linux kernel.

PostgreSQL 12 Can Improve Your Performance

If you have not found time to upgrade to Postgres 12 yet, this article will show you some benefits of doing so.

Network Looking Glass

GitLab Handbook

Verisign DNSSEC Analyzer