FreeNAS → TrueNAS Core Beta Test

The company behind FreeNAS, iXsystems, announced the unification of TrueNAS and FreeNAS earlier this year. Jim Salter at Ars Technica reviews the first beta release of TrueNAS Core.

Video: Understanding PID Namespaces

Video by Red Hat, explaining container PID namespaces and process isolation.

Database Benchmarking for Beginners

Henrik Ingo gives a short Introduction to database benchmarking on his blog.

Alternative Certificate Authority (CA) from Norway

Certificate Authority from Norway, offering free certificates with 180 days validity.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 2 released

Noteworthy features: Kernel 5.3, Zypper improvements, full Python 3 development support, switch from OpenLDAP to 389 Directory Server, improved SLE live-patching.

The Seccomp Notifier – New Frontiers in Unprivileged Container Development

Kernel developer Christian Brauner gives a detailed insight into the seccomp notify mechanism the possibilities it opens up for running unprivileged containers.

[Incident] Garmin Services Down After Ransomware Attack

According to Garmin employees, a ransomware attack caused the ongoing outage of Garmin production systems.