ZFS High Availability Filesystem With minio on FreeBSD

This article shows an interesting alternative for a highly available filesystem on FreeBSD: ZFS and minio.

When Unix learned to reboot(2)

Warner Losh gives an insight into the history of halting and rebooting UNIX systems.

Highlights from Git 2.28

It is now possible to use another default branch name instead of master. Changed-path Bloom filters result in a performance increase.

DNS-over-TLS Vs. DNS-over-HTTPS

This blog compares the two current approaches to encrypt DNS.

Red Hat and CentOS systems aren’t booting due to BootHole patches

Applying the current patches for the BootHole vulnerability discovered earlier this week can lead to systems that do not boot anymore.

OPNsense 20.7 Release

The new major release of the open-source security platform is based on HardenedBSD 12.1. It comes with many improvements, like updated drivers and packages, making it easier to manage and troubleshoot the system.