Troy Hunt is making HIBP codebase open-source

The web security expert opens the code of Have I Been Pwned to the public.

[PDF] Zero Downtime releases

The paper shows how the Zero Downtime Release framework allows frequent updates without disrupting the end-user experience.

Nice collection of Command line tools

This blog post presents some alternatives to existing command-line tools, all written in Rust.

DeGoogle my life

Google services are omnipresent in the (digital) life of most of us. And it won’t get easier to change this anytime soon.

[PDF] NSA: Limiting Location Data Exposure

Spoiler: Location can often be determined even if cellular is turned off.

Request for Comments: Still relevant today

In this article, Steve Crocker, author of the first RFC, writes about the ARPANET history and the origin of RFCs.

Open Source Security Foundation

The OpenSSF is a cross-industry collaboration that brings together leaders to improve the security of open source software (OSS) by building a broader community, targeted initiatives, and best practices

Initial members are GitHub, Google, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft, NCC Group, OWASP Foundation, and Red Hat.

Linux 5.8 released

Outside of the networking stuff, it’s mostly various small driver fixes (gpu, rdma, sound and pinctrl being much of it), and some minor architecture noise (arm, x86, powerpc).

Stack Exchange Performance Stats

Interesting Stack Exchange performance data. Less resource-hungry than I thought, especially for a stack that is based on Microsoft technology.