.NET Memory Performance Analysis

This document explains in detail how to do .NET Framework and .NET Core memory performance analysis.

Scaling Erlang Developer Experience at WhatsApp

For all the Erlang enthusiasts out there: Slides from a talk from the WhatsApp Erlang team lead.

Intercepting OpenSSL data with BPF

Initially written for analyzing Zoom traffic, the author’s tool snuffy can now instrument any program using OpenSSL. The integration of other TLS implementations is also planned.

Raccoon Attack (CVE-2020-1968)

»Raccoon allows attackers under certain conditions to break the encryption and read sensitive communications. The vulnerability is really hard to exploit and relies on very precise timing measurements and on a specific server configuration to be exploitable.« Doesn’t sound that scary to me but at least it has its own website.

Looking Inside Outages with RIPE Atlas

This article takes a closer look at how RIPE Atlas probes measure Internet connectivity and what we can learn from the data. Also, the tools linked in the articles are worth a look.

Non-POSIX File Systems

In this blog post, the author explains specific ideas behind some historical file systems that aren’t POSIX-compliant.

UNIX Timestamp > 16

Today the first two digits of the UNIX timestamp jumped from 15 to 16. Yay.

date -r "1600000000"
Sun Sep 13 12:26:40 UTC 2020

The above command is for the UNIX implementations of date, use -d on the GNU version.

The Making of an RFC in today’s IETF

A co-author of an RFC explains the process of publishing one, why it takes so long, and how the IETF document review process could be improved.

Please Stop Calling Databases CP or AP

This blog post is a deep dive into the CAP theorem and why the labels “AP” and “CP” are not the right labels to describe systems.

VirtualBox 6.1.14 with Kernel 5.8 support

The VirtualBox version released this week comes with support for kernel 5.8.

List of all TLD

This document contains a continuously updated list of all top-level domains.