Articles and News

Microsoft’s Underwater Data Centre Resurfaces After Two Years

»No humans, fewer failures.« Who would have thought?

Interprocess Communication in FreeBSD 11: Performance Analysis

FreeBSD IPC performance analysis: pipes outperform sockets. Larger transmission buffers are beneficial up to a point, after which cache exhaustion leads to performance penalty.

A Guide Through The History of UNIX & Linux: Everything You Need To Know

This article is over 15000 words long and contains probably even more information than you need to know.

Nvidia Buys AMD

The announcement is now nearly a week old but noteworthy nonetheless.

On Modern Web Applications Stability

»I don’t like how modern web applications are built. Many of the web applications are too unstable…« Nothing to add there.

Microsoft Submits Linux Kernel Patches for Linux Virtualization Stack

With this patch, Linux will run as a Hyper-V root partition. Until now, this Hyper-V root partition had to run Windows.

20 years of Linux on Big Iron

This article sheds light on the glorious history of Linux on the mainframe.

How We Upgraded PostgreSQL at

I love the open approach GitLab takes on decisions and processes. For their recent PostgreSQL upgrade, they provided everything online, from the Ansible playbook to a recording of the upgrade process itself. Excellent learning resources.

Releases and Projects

Endlessh: an SSH tarpit

Very slowly sends an endless, random SSH banner to keep attacking SSH clients locked up. Interesting project, although you could also invest the time needed to install it to make sshd only accessible from your IP addresses ;)

GitHub CLI 1.0

Version 1.0 of the tool to interact with GitHub from the command line got released.


Post-Mortem Of a DNSSEC Incident At EU.ORG

The original failure was caused by a race condition and led to an incorrect fix first.