UNIX Wildcards Gone Wild

In this blog post, the author presents some wildcard poisoning tricks.

Measuring the Memory Overhead of a Postgres Connection

This article takes a detailed look at the memory resources a PostgreSQL connection consumes.

Chrome Is Deploying HTTP/3 and IETF QUIC

Chrome is switching to IETF QUIC. For now, it supports both IETF QUIC and Google QUIC.

Unlocking eBPF Power

Interesting eBPF usage: Locking and suspending the laptop based on the Bluetooth signal strength of the phone.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Compression

This guide gives a comprehensive introduction to compression, explaining how the different algorithms work.

USB3: Why It’s a Bit Harder Than USB2

The author explains that clock-issues, interferences, encoding, and the lack of resources make working with USB3 harder than USB2.

Releases and Projects

ESXi on Arm

ESXi running on Arm. Not GA or production-ready yet, but very interesting nevertheless.

Python 3.9

Python 3.9 comes with a new parser, Dictionary Merge & Update Operators, New String Methods, and many improved modules.

Rancher 2.5

This new version of Rancher brings improvements for single cluster deployments, better monitoring, full Lifecycle management of Amazon EKS Clusters.

Nextcloud 20

Nextcloud turns 20, debuts Dashboard, unifies search and notifications, and brings new integration options for external tools like GitLab and Moodle.