Articles and News

Aim for Operability, Not SRE as a Cult

The author gives a critical view of the SRE cargo-culting currently going on.

So You Want To Build an Embedded Linux System?

»A primer on how embedded Linux systems are developed, plus an exploration of the hardware and software ecosystems of ten different commonly-available CPUs. «

Video: Linux Memory Management at Scale (Arch Conf 2020)

In his Arch Conf 2020 talk, Chris Down shows how many of the Linux memory management concepts are widely-misunderstood.

Projects and Releases

OpenBSD 6.8

6.8 is OpenBSD’s 25th-anniversary release. It brings a lot of improvements in the kernel as well as new userland features.

NetBSD 9.1

NetBSD, the Unix-like OS that OpenBSD got forked from in 1995, also got updated last week: Among other changes, it comes with many bug fixes, a few performance enhancements, and stability improvements for ZFS and LFS.

Git 2.29

New in this Git release: experimental SHA-256 support, negative refspecs, and many other improvements.

Pure sh Bible

This book will show you how to do various tasks using only built-in POSIX sh features.


Kubernetes on bhyve.

This site tells you the domain name server you are using to resolve it by letting you query a unique subdomain, recording the IP Address the query to the DNS server came from, and returning this record.