Articles and News

An Update on Developments With DNS-over-HTTPS

This article covers the state of DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH), its current implementations, why there are privacy concerns. The conclusion is that there is still more work needed.

Complexity in Operating Systems

This blog post identifies three sources for operating system complexity. I’m interested in the follow-up posts the author announces.

10 Years of OpenStack at CERN - Part 1

This blog post is the first part of a series on OpenStack usage at CERN.

What’s in a Linux Executable?

This article is an in-depth dive into the anatomy of Linux binaries.

Return to Plan 9

The author gives insight into the basic concepts of Plan 9.

Releases and Projects


FreeBSD 12.2 comes with a lot of userland and Kernel improvements and updates. LLVM 10 is now the default compiler toolchain; the jail utility allows running Linux in a jailed environment.

Fedora 33

In Fedora 33, BTRFS is now the default file system in the desktop version, Fedora IoT now promoted to Edition status. All editions come with up-to-date software packages.

RHEL 8.3

This Red Hat Enterprise Linux release comes with Podman 2.0, expanded System Roles, an updated tuned and Intel TSX disabled by default.

OpenIndiana 2020.10

New and noteworthy in this release: bhyve, updated Mate desktop environment, and GCC 10 support.

NixOS 20.09

This release adds 7349, updates 14442, and removes 8181 packages.

Grafana Tempo

Grafana Tempo is an open-source distributed tracing backend, deeply integrated with Grafana, Prometheus, and Loki. It can be used with open-source tracing protocols like Jaeger, Zipkin, and OpenTelemetry.

Wireshark 3.4.0

A new version of the popular network protocol analyzer with support for new protocols was released.

youtube-dl v2020.11.01

A new minor release of the great video-downloading tool is available.