Articles and News

How To Resize ZRAM (Compressed Swap) Managed by Systemd/Zram-Generator

This article gives a short, practical introduction to ZRAM, a Linux kernel subsystem for handling volatile memory compression.

Your Computer Isn’t Yours

Apple’s macOS security design decisions are not aligned with their marketing claim to value their customer’s privacy.

Booting a macOS Apple Silicon Kernel in QEMU

The author describes how he was able to boot a macOS silicon kernel in QEMU.


The SAD DNS page explains this advanced DNS cache poisoning attack. The paper the attack is based on is also linked.

OpenBSD Router Guide

This tutorial shows how to create a router based on OpenBSD.

Releases and Projects

openSUSE MicroOS

MicroOS is the latest contender in the category of operating systems specially tailored at container-based workflows.

WebGL Fluid Simulation

PostgreSQL Observability

This page gives a graphical overview of the internal Postgres observability functions for the current version 13.

.NET 5.0

.NET 5.0 is available with a lot of performance improvements.

Proxmox Backup Server

Version 1.0 of Proxmox Backup Server is out. It’s n ZFS based, open-source backup solution written in Rust.