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Software Is Drowning the World

»Every time you decide to solve a problem with code, you are committing part of your future capacity to maintaining and operating that code.«

#complexity #technical-debt #maintainance #dependencies

Making Sense of What Happened Is Hard

In this post, the author uses a practical example to illustrate that it sometimes takes a lot of effort to make sense of operational failures.


Load Testing Is Hard, and the Tools are Not Great. But Why?

The post gives an overview of where the complexities in load-testing lie.

#load-testing #systems-performance #performance-testing

What I’ve Learned in 45 Years in the Software Industry

The author shares six ideas after working in the software industry for 45 years.

#advice #software-engineering

Toyota Production System Glossary

This blog post from 2013 explains some established terms that have their origin in Japanese manufacturing.

#processes #methods #manufacturing

Understanding Connections And Pools

»What connections are, how they affect our systems, and how and why pooling works.«


The Many Lies About Reducing Complexity Part 2: Cloud

In this lengthy article, the author shows why the cloud only reduces complexity in the IT world at first glance.


The Remote Playbook

Link to a document on remote work, provided by GitLab.

#remote-work #work

Fedora Workstation 34 Looking To Employ Btrfs Zstd Transparent Compression By Default

#file-systems #btrfs #zstd #compression

Video: “Good Enough” Architecture

This video is about finding the sweet spot between too sophisticated and not sophisticated enough system architectures.

#complexity #software-architecture

Releases and Projects

JupyterLab 3.0

JupyterLab 3.0 is now shipped with the visual debugger and table of contents extension by default, supports multiple languages, and brings numerous other improvements.

#jupyter #jupyterlab

Asahi Linux

The website of Hector Martin’s project to bring »a polished Linux experience on Apple Silicon Macs« is now available.

#apple-silicon #m1 #system-on-a-chip #arm

Rust 1.49

With Rust’s 1.49 release, ARM64 Linux is becoming a Tier 1 target, while 64-bit ARM macOS and Windows reach Tier 2.

macOS 11.0.1 Source

The Open Source components of macOS Big Sur are available now.


»For bureaucratic reasons, a colleague of mine had to print, sign, scan, and send by email a high number of pages. To save trees, ink, time, and to stick it to the bureaucrats, I wrote this script.«