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Slack’s Outage on January 4th, 2021

A postmortem by Slack on the outage from the beginning of January, caused by the overload of one of their AWS transit gateway.

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Adding a document that describes the high-level architecture is a useful thing to add to your project.

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Internet of Trash

»’Move fast and break things’ is not a tenable paradigm for this industry today — if it ever was. In the light of our experience, with the outcomes of an industry that became fixated on pumping out minimally viable products, it’s a paradigm that heads towards what we could conventionally label as criminal negligence.«

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A Devil of a Time: How Vulnerable is NTP to Malicious Timeservers?

This paper shows that NTP is vulnerable to attacks by malicious NTP servers.


Analyzing gRPC Messages Using Wireshark

This post explains how to parse plain text gRPC messages in Wireshark.

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Threat Modeling Manifesto

The Threat Modeling Manifesto provides guidelines with values and principles in threat modeling.

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Cargo Cult Software Engineering

This article differentiates between process-oriented and commitment-oriented projects and their imposter equivalents.

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Donating Docker Distribution to the CNCF

Docker donates the code of it’s container registry to the CNCF.

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PostgreSQL: What is a Checkpoint?

This blog post explains what checkpoints in PostgreSQL are and how you can tune them.


The Dunant subsea cable, connecting the US and mainland Europe, is ready for service

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean between Virginia Beach in the US and Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez on the French Atlantic coast, the Dunant submarine cable system delivering a capacity of 250 terabits per second.

Projects and Releases

Debian 10.8

»This point release mainly adds corrections for security issues, along with a few adjustments for serious problems.«

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Ubuntu Core 20

Canonical released Ubuntu Core 20, it’s minimal, containerized version of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

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On, over 300 different operating systems can be tested from within the browser or via a VNC client.


Book: Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces

Operating Systems book centered around the concepts of virtualization, concurrency, and persistence.