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How We Hosted FOSDEM 2021 on Matrix

This post shares insights on how this year’s FOSDEM was held on Matrix.

#matrix #fosdem

dRAID, Finally!

This article explains why the upcoming distributed RAID vdev type is an excellent addition to ZFS’s existing data protection capabilities for large installments.


How Much Are Open-Source Developers Really Worth?

»The results of the study, which was commissioned by the European Commission, show that there is a widespread lack of understanding of the benefits that can be drawn from the open-source ecosystem in Europe.«

#open-source #politics #european-union

Browser Fuzzing at Mozilla

This post’s authors provide insight into Mozilla’s fuzzing-pipeline, including links to the open-source tools in use.

#fuzzing #security #mozilla #firefox

OpenBSD on Apple M1

This short note states that OpenBSD can boot into multi-user mode on Apple M1 Hardware now.

#openbsd #apple-silicon #m1

Releases and Projects

Linux 5.11

The first stable kernel release for 2021 includes an AMD performance regression fix, new hardware support, and filesystem improvements.

#linux #type:release #linux-kernel

Podman 3.0

Release 3.0 release of podman comes with support for Docker Compose, improved security, and over 100 bug fixes.

#container #podman #type:release

inetutils 2.0

The first release of inetutils in 6 years brings updates to programs like ping and ficonfig.

#inetutils #ifconfig #type:release


»arara is a TeX automation tool based on directives and rules.«



dog is a command-line DNS client with support for DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS protocols.



»NetStatus is designed as an always-on dashboard WebUI to track internet connectivity. It will periodically recheck its connection & provide a live view of status, online or off. speed up/down & latency«

#network-performance monitoring

How They SRE

How they SRE is a curated collection of SRE resources.