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Introducing sigstore: Easy Code Signing & Verification for Supply Chain Integrity

This post introduces sigstore, a Linux Foundation project that aims to improve open-source software supply chain integrity and verification.

#code-signing #security #supply-chain-integrity

3.6 Million Websites Taken Offline After Fire at OVH Datacenters

»Around 3.6 million websites across 464,000 distinct domains were taken offline after the major fire at an OVHcloud datacenter site in Strasbourg overnight.«

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German Software Company SUSE Targets Pre-Summer IPO: Sources

SUSE is planning a pre-summer initial public offering.

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Why Dropbox’s Exascale Strategy Is Long-Term, On-Prem Disk

This article explains why on-prem disk-based storage is the most cost-effective and flexible storage solution for Dropbox need for the time being. Currently, Dropbox is rolling out 20TB SMRs at scale.

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Staying Out of TTL Hell

The author discusses different cache strategies in detail.



The author shares his interesting findings in buying and utilizing 14 domains that are 1-bitflip away from

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Video: FAST ‘21 - Keynote Address: Netflix: Streaming Entertainment to 200 Million Members Around the World

In this talk, Jonathan Looney from Netflix describes the Open Connect Appliance and the optimizations that make it possible to serve over 180 GB/s of TLS-encrypted connections with less than 50% CPU on a single 32-core 2.5-GHz CPU in 2 RU.

#netflix #netflix-open-connect-appliance #freebsd #systems-performance

PDF: The SPACE of Developer Productivity

In this article, the authors debunk some common myths about developer productivity and introduce a framework that is better suited to understand the matter.


GlusterFS 8 on FreeBSD 13

In this tutorial, the author shows how to get GlusterFS 8 running on FreeBSD 13.

#distributed-systems #freebsd #glusterfs

VM Detection Tricks, Part 1: Physical Memory Resource Maps

Multi-part article series on VM detection tricks focussed on 64-bit Windows guests on multiple virtualization platforms.

#virtualization #virtualization-detection

The 4 Laws of Durability

In this article, the authors describe algorithms for durable transactions and infer four rules from them.

#concurrency #durability

Kubernetes Resource Management and You

In this post, the author gives an introduction to Kubernetes scheduling and resource management.


Projects and Releases


»A non-profit, public good software signing & transparency service.«

#code-signing sigstore


redbean is a single-file distributable web server.

#web-servder #single-binary


sq is a tool to inspect, query, join, import, and export data.

#database #sql #command-line


just a command runner, without the overhead of a whole build system.

#command-line #command-runner