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RFC: Rust in Linux Kernel

»Some of you have noticed the past few weeks and months that a serious attempt to bring a second language to the kernel was being forged. We are finally here, with an RFC that adds support for Rust to the Linux kernel.«

#rust #linux-kernel #linux

Prioritizing Memory Safety Migrations

In this post, the author shows that replacing C/C++ with safer languages is not an all-or-nothing task and suggests prioritizing systematically.

#rust #c #programming-language #security

Allow Arbitrary URLs, Expect Arbitrary Code Execution

The article demonstrates with practical examples how insufficient user input validation leads to code execution vulnerabilities.

#rce #input-validation

US Investigators Probing Breach at Code Testing Company Codecov

The Codecov supply chain hack gets investigated.

#data-breach #cloud-security

KVM/Qemu VMs With a Multi-Screen Spice Console

In this multi-part article, the author covers access methods to multi-screen spice consoles.

#spice #kvm #qemu #virtualization

VMware and Dell Technologies Reach Agreement Regarding Spin-Off

»Dell Technologies to Spin-off 81% Equity Ownership of VMware.«

#vmware #dell

EMS Launches Bridging For Microsoft Teams

Element Matrix Services is now bridging to Microsoft Teams.


Opting Your Website Out of Google’s FLoC Network

The short instructions on this post show how to set the Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=() header in popular HTTP/S servers.

#google #floc #online-advertising

Statement on DNS Encryption

In this statement, the DNS root server operators explain why they don’t feel comfortable being the early adopters of authoritative DNS encryption.

#dns #dns-over-tls #dns-server #dns-root-server #dns-encryption

Expiration Date 4-6-2021

The Epic Games Reliability Engineering team did a post-mortem on a certificate expiration issue they recently experienced.

#post-mortem #epic-games

FBI Cleans Web Shells From Hacked Exchange Servers in Rare Active Defense Move

The FBI actively removes backdoors from the hacked Microsoft Exchange servers.

#exchange #security

Projects and Releases


Only some of the highlights:

  • ZFS now provided by OpenZFS
  • in-kernel framing and encryption of TLS
  • arm64 is promoted to Tier-1 status
  • rewritten routing stack
  • clang, lld, llvm, libc++ update to 11.0.1
  • bhyve improvements
  • removed obsolete GDB

#freebsd #type:release


Version 12 of the LLVM compiler toolchain was released.


In-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories.



»Upptime is the open-source uptime monitor and status page, powered entirely by GitHub Actions and Issues.«

List of Online Text to Diagram Tools

Page with a comprehensive list of various text to diagram tools.

#text-tools #diagram-tools #text-to-diagram

pev (Postgres Explain Visualizer)