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Digital Sovereignty — Status Quo and Perspectives

Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften published a document concerning Digital Sovereignty in the European Union, including recommended actions.

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European Industrial Technology Roadmap for the Next Generation Cloud-Edge Offering

In this roadmap, 27 European technology enterprises share their ideas and recommendations on bridging the gap to Asian and US hyperscalers.

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Open-Source Software Company SUSE to Float in Frankfurt

»SUSE will issue $500 million in new shares via the offering to pay down debt while Swedish investment fund EQT, which acquired SUSE in 2018 for $2.5 billion, will sell an unspecified further number of existing shares.«

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Software Disenchantment

The author points out some valid issues on how we are producing and consuming software today.


New Relic Open Sources Pixie, Its Kubernetes-Native In-Cluster Observability Platform

New Relic open-sourced its eBPF-based observability platform for Kubernetes.

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Videos: GitOps Con 2021

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How to Improve the Root – Run It Locally

The author explained running the root zone locally and announced a second post with operational instructions.

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IBM Creates First 2nm Chip

The announced 2nm development will deliver the same performance with 75% of the energy, compared to modern 7mn processors.

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The Once and Future Shell

This paper takes a close look at the characteristics of a UNIX shell and discusses how a new, improved version could look like.


Using QEMU-User Emulation to Reverse Engineer Binaries

Interesting use case of qemu-user.

#qemu #reverse-engineering

Happy 15th Birthday Amazon S3 — The Service That Started It All

In this post, Werner Vogels recaps the origin story of S3.

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Email Explained From First Principles

In this comprehensive article, all the technical aspects of email are covered.


Projects and Releases


»The AgStack Foundation seeks to improve global agriculture efficiency through the creation, maintenance and enhancement of free, re-usable, open and specialized digital infrastructure for data and applications.«

#agriculture #sustainability #linux-foundation


Open-source project management software.



Kiwix is an open-source offline reader for online content from sites like Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, and Stack Exchange.

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OpenNIC Project

OpenNIC provides an open alternative DNS root, provided and controlled by users.

#opennic #dns is an online tool for creating sequence diagrams.


OpenIndiana 2021.04

Version 2021.04 of the OpenSolaris fork was released.

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Easy-to-use tool to create a bootable USB drive for multiple ISO/IMG/EFI files.

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Directory of open-access journals.


Over the Wire — Wargames

Command-line games to test your skills.