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The Unwritten Contract of Solid State Drives

In this paper, the authors write down their analysis of modern file systems and SSD FTLs in rules and conclude with 24 observations.

#ssd #systems-performance #file-systems

Amazon Devices Will Soon Automatically Share Your Internet With Neighbors

Starting with June 8, Amazon will automatically enroll its devices in Amazon’s new wireless mesh network in the US.

#amazon #amazon-sidewalk

QUIC Is Now RFC 9000

The IETF has published QUIC as RFC 9000.

#quick #rfc

Why Decentralised Applications Don’t Work

Decentralized systems don’t fail because of their technical inferiority.


A Guide to the Zsh Completion With Examples

In this post, the author gives a hands-on introduction to the Zsh completion system.


Why Python’s pip Search Isn’t Working

Scarce infrastructure resources and the fact that the HTTP POSTs against the XML-RPC API are not cacheable on the CDN layer are why the project maintainers had to turn the search endpoint in December last year.

#pip #python

What Do Shells Do, and Do We Need Them?

The author addresses the many different capabilities shells provide nowadays and presents his minimalistic shell implementation unshell.

#unix-shell #rust

Why (and How) GitHub Is Adopting OpenTelemetry

The author explains why GitHub is focusing on building support for the OpenTelemetry Protocol.

#github #open-telemetry #observerability

Projects and Releases

AlmaLinux 8.4

Less than two weeks after RHEL 8.4, the community-based, binary compatible AlmaLinux 8.4 founded by the CloudLinux OS team was released.

#almalinux #rhel #type:release

Univention Corporate Server 5.0

»UCS 5.0 contains new features, has a fresh look, comes with several improvements and bug fixes. The new version also uses a new core: UCS 5.0 is based on Debian 10 (“Buster”) and Python 3.«

#univention #type:release

opsi 4.2

Version 4.2 of the software distribution management system for Linux and Windows clients was released.

#software-distribution #type:release

pspg 5.0

The latest version of the alternative PostgreSQL pager, also compatible with other SQL systems CLI tools, was released.

#postgres #pspg #type:release


Patternfly is Red Hat’s open-source design system.

#ui-design #red-hat


Urbit is a decentralized personal server operating and digital identity system running on any UNIX-based machine with an Internet connection.

#operating-system #urbit

Awesome Alternatives in Rust


Evidence-based Software Engineering

»This book discusses what is currently known about software engineering, based on an analysis of all the publicly available data. This aim is not as ambitious as it sounds, because there is not a great deal of data publicly available.«


The UNIX Game