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Can I take Your Subdomain?

This site and the related paper focuses on same-site attacks on the modern web through the takeover of insufficiently secured subdomains.

#dns #security

An EPYC escape: Case-study of a KVM breakout

The Google Project Zero team explains how AMD-specific led to KVM virtual machine escape.

#virtualization-security #kvm #amd #amd-epyc

Nice Nginx Features for Operators

The blog presents some practical Nginx features, e.g., rate-limiting, caching, and the split-client module.


Video: Kind Engineering: How to Engineer Kindness

In his talk, Evan Smith gives practical tips on how to become a kinder engineer.


System CPU Time – sys Time in top

This blog post explains system CPU time and user CPU time.

#linux-top #systems-performance


»A massive REvil ransomware attack affects multiple managed service providers and over a thousand of their customers through a reported Kaseya supply-chain attack.«

#supply-chain-security #supply-chain-attack

Projects and Releases


»Internet-in-a-Box brings the power of a free Digital Library of Alexandria into the hands of any school, hospital, or community worldwide.«

#offline-reader #knowledge-base #wikimedia

The Open Voice Network

The Open Voice Network is a Voice assistance project funded by the Linux Foundation.


OpenZFS 2.1

The latest OpenZFS version comes with support for Distributed RAID (dRAID) topology.

#type:release #openzfs #zfs


Timeshift for Linux takes system snapshots in regular intervals.



apprise is a notification framework that integrates many popular notification services.



A Curated List of Books on Software Architecture