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Tor is a Great SysAdmin Tool

The author gives some examples where Tor can be of great help for everyday sysadmin tasks.


Operations Is Not Developer IT

»The dream of perfect harmony was destroyed with the harsh reality that someone has to own a problem. It can’t be a community issue, someone needs to sit down and work on it.«


You Need a Novelty Budget (2018)

»Civil engineers have solid rules for the way a bridge ought to be constructed: we switch web application frameworks on an annual basis.«


The Future Needs Files

In this blog post, the author provides reasons against abstracting away the concept of files, especially on mobile operating systems.


CPE to Staff EPEL Work

»Red Hat is establishing a small team directly responsible for participating in EPEL activities. «

#rhel #centos #epel-repository

Using RHEL’s Lightweight Kiosk Mode in Edge Deployments

This post introduces the locked down GNOME/Mutter kiosk mode on RHEL 8.

#rhel #gnome

Software Development Waste

In this short blog, the author summarizes a paper that categorized types of software development waste.


Projects and Releases

Rancher 2.6

#suse #suse-rancher #container #kubernetes #type:release

Linux From Scratch (LFS) 11

»The Linux From Scratch community announces the release of LFS Version 11.0. The reason for the major release number increment is that this version no longer uses the “split-user” system. That is, like most current distributions, /bin is a symbolic link to /usr/bin. Likewise, /lib and /sbin are both symbolic links to their /usr counterparts. «

#linux-from-scratch #linux #type:release


x11docker provides an X display server on the host and provides it to containers.

#container #gui #x11

Oh My Git!

»An open source game about learning Git!«


Connection Strings Reference


arch-wiki-docs for Offline Browsing

#offline #arch-linux #wiki


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